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  • Mind maps can be great tools when facing complex problem. They are organic in their structure and allows us to, via a visual representation, explain how a system or concept is related.


  • or brainstorming on your own.
  • Give a quick overview of the dependencies and connections related to the problem.


1/2 hour


1 - 3 people


You got this.


Paper and pen

Detailed Steps

1. Start in the center of your page with the subject you want to mind map around. For instance “Farm”

2. Break down the main concept into the areas it relates to. For instance “Animals”, “Buildings”, Equipment”, “Nature”, “Farmer” etc.

3. Further continue branching those streams out and thinking about what is related until your entire paper is filled out.

4. The end result should be an completely overview of the branches of ideas or concepts that came from your starting point.