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Interviewing 101

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  • User research is about understanding their needs, pain points, and perspectives so we build better products that fit their mental model and their lives.
  • User research is not about asking our users what to build or do, and we would not build product that users simply requested without synthesizing and enriching that feedback with our own knowledge and perspective.


  • Explore problems, understand needs and build empathy.


1 - 2 hours


1 person


Tip: it will help to reach out to an expert for guidance on these methods.


Recording device (audio/video), Camera Release forms, note taking material, post its for synthesis

Learn more about how to interview

Learning how to interview users is a key skills to develop as a product leader. We’ve gathered some of our favourites resources below;

  1. Best of all, is our Mozilla community course on interviewing users!
  2. There is a great Video guide, if you can’t be bothered to read.
  3. Some materials that talk about how to interview, what to do and not to do.
    1. How to conduct an interview
    2. Intro video to talking to people on the street
    3. 10 tips for interviewing
  4. We’ve created a guide on How to recruit
  5. And lastly, a template to help you Synthesize when remote